Set Up a Responsive Website
Yes, technology changes so fast that sometimes it is difficult to keep up with it. A responsive website however is so very important. The terminology and its application won’t change for a very long time. This refers to how your website responds to its viewer’s current device that they are using to view your website. For example, when a visitor to your website is using a laptop, they see your full site, but when they change to a mobile device such as a phone, your site may look completely skewed. With a responsive website design, your site will display properly and professionally on all devices so that the user experience is always a positive one.

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Include Your Business on Google with a Free Business Listing & Google Plus
There is no question that Google is the largest search engine online with the largest amount of tools for both personal and business use. Marketing and Socializing is the business Google has established themselves in as a leader. Did you know however that listing your business in Google is so powerful in your marketing online? Setting up a full profile for your business can be complex when trying to figure out all the different elements required to do it effectively. Getting your place on the “Map” is so very important.

Create a Google Plus Profile: There is no question, you need to do this! We can’t impress the importance enough on this aspect of online marketing. Everyone is fighting for positioning in the Google search engine, well, if you were Google, where would you look first when indexing new content? Of course you would look among your own products and services. Yes, SEO is utilized to rank a website higher up in the search engines, however, having a Google Plus account and profile for your business is seriously beneficial and important.

Not Sure How to Do This? Well we can definitely be of assistance.

Get Business Cards
We know you must have this taken care of but did you get cards with a QR Code on them? Something so simple will build so much extra traffic for your website. We can say with certainty that 75% of all cell phone users have a smart phone of some sort or another. Every smart phone has apps that can be downloaded and one of those is a bar code scanner. The QR Code is simply a bar type code which someone scans and visits your website right from their mobile devices. Not taking advantage of this unique opportunity is simply a waste of marketing effort. The business card has become a much more important tool in business than most people know. You can create a QR Code right here!

Word of Mouth Referrals from Satisfied Customers
Create a referral program and publicize it through your website. When people can earn something lucrative or of value to them, they will be onboard. Many businesses out there don’t utilize the good nature of their clients enough. Most people will talk about a good service; you need only ask them to. By providing a benefit to them for doing it, they will for sure take this on and let everyone know about their experience using your services.

Implementing this through your website can be tricky but also beneficial. We can help you out with this!

List your business in Free directories on the internet related to your target market.
You may be thinking about the standard business directories, and the free basic listings they offer. Well, you are only partially correct. Nearly all business directories that offer free listings do not provide you with a link option to your website; thus making this avenue of marketing useless unless you start paying up. HOWEVER, there are many directories online that don’t charge for a link to your website and they are also market specific. For example, if you are a computer software programmer, there are many directories where you can display your services for free and the only area of expertise in that directory is computer software programmers. The concept of this strategy is to basically increase the traffic to your website and generate interest for your product, service, and brand!

Not Sure Where to find these free directories? Our marketing team has an inside look on these directories and can easily place your business amongst the rest.

Create a Newsletter
The benefits are very much self explanatory if you are in business, but realizing the real importance is not always clear to those in business.

Creating Awareness of your brand, your product, or your service is simply a massive benefit. Through a newsletter, you can create a buzz about something new, or something happening in your local community that you are involved with. Introduce new people to your organization and highlight the benefits for the end user of having them on your team.

You can display your organization’s expertise in the field of business you are in. This is not a bragging or bashing area of benefit, but a simple display of what you can do and the benefits available to the end user.

Promoting your products, new, old, or rejuvenated; this is the place to do it. You can also Initiate and Remain in contact with your clients keeping your brand in the forefront of their mind. Now with the newsletter strategy, they say that you need to touch your an individual 7 times before your brand sticks with them. This does not mean you should send a newsletter every day. This strategy is a long term commitment that will provide you with the long term result and success!

There are many services out there that can assist you in doing mail outs of your newsletters. We recommend Mail Chimp as the distribution channel but there are many others out there that are very good as well. We find that Mail Chimp is not only reliable, but they are able to handle the larger numbers at a fair price structure.

Create an Email Signature
You may be saying to yourself that you don’t need help putting Sincerely, Bob. This is not what we are referring to and we know you can. What we are suggesting is that you take advantage of the marketing opportunities available to you in something as simple as a signature. Connecting yourself to your clients in many ways is beneficial because it covers all the possible ways they may want to communicate with you. For example, if you have an avid Facebook user as a client, and only offer an email form of communication, you may lose out on thousands of sales dollars.

Always be sure to ask your clients to white list your email address at first point of contact so they will always receive your email.

Here are some items you will want to consider implementing into your signature. Your personal image or business logo is a good way to visibly connect with the receiver of your email. There are ways to assist in this not being classified as SPAM. Unfortunately, some SPAM tools are simply filter crazy and not all that bright so this is sometimes frowned upon. You should also include links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (if you are a sole entrepreneur), Google Plus, You tube, etc. The links should not be necessarily live links; just the actual address is typically fine.

A phone number, title of position, and of course a link to your website are very important to include in your email signature. All of these should be displayed in a particular fashion that does not scream out to the receiving email system SPAM. For more information about this strategy, simply contact us and we can chat more about it.

Business Images
Do you have a logo? Do you have pictures of your products or images related to a service you offer? These can and should be fully optimized for the search engines. They also need to be posted in popular picture search engines for easy indexing.

Optimizing is a tricky biz, and should be done by a SEO Specialist. They can add value to your website or marketing efforts online if done right.

If you don’t use images on your website or anywhere online, START NOW! People are visually stimulated first by pictures and if that interests them, your actual content becomes even more valuable.

Create a Facebook Fan Page
Some may say that their business is not social and I don’t think Facebook will benefit me. Hmmm, that is not true! There are 1,310,000,000 active users each month on Facebook. That is over a billion people on one site each month! I think Facebook is for everyone, don’t you?

Even if you feel that your business would not benefit from the Facebook platform of socialization, I am here to tell you that it will! The branding, sharing, and exposure are priceless!

Social Media can be challenging for most businesses when discussing time required. Facebook does take valuable time away from your business but depending on your business, this could be a primary source of income. Many businesses have individuals who operate and run campaigns for their businesses to free up their time. At Web Marketing Masters, our programs are affordable and definitely beneficial for your bottom line. Creating exposure for one’s business is simply priceless!

Create a Twitter Profile
Why do I need Twitter? Well you may not! However, if you are a business professional, you should! Contact us to see if having Twitter is for you and if your business can benefit from it.

Don’t Cut your Marketing Efforts short! Maximize your Profits & Exposure!

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